Luxury Cat Bed (Round Cat Pet Bed)

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NOTE: The product may be out of shape due to the shipping. You can simply rud the extruded part a few times, and it will return to the normal shape.

Size: S(40x40cm), M(50x50cm), L(65x65cm).

Diameter 40cm is suitable for pets within 5kg
Diameter 50cm is suitable for pets within 10kg

Diameter 65cm is suitable for pets within 20kg

Washing method: Hand wash/machine wash  (PS: this product is not detachable)






Gray, Gray Long Plush, Brown, Brown Long Plush, Pink, Pink Long Plush, Green, Green Long Plush


40x40cm, 50x50cm, 65x65cm

7 reviews for Luxury Cat Bed (Round Cat Pet Bed)

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    It’s very small but it’s equal to the description of the photo.

  2. undefined

    Excellent bed, came sooo quickly… bought Jack-Russell, and flew into it like York, both appreciated it for its taste, for such a good quality. Jack Russell likes to sleep under the blanket, completely wrapped, even in the summer, because this bed is a good alternative for us)

  3. undefined

    Total disappointment, very thin, is not as fluffy as well as poorly spread filling and cannot be disassembled to put the filling well.

  4. undefined

    The cover of this bed is not worth it. The cat can’t go inside. How to make the lid open and I do not know. I tried a lot of things. Quality is good. Very soft. In size I recommend taking a ruler and understand what you will expect. Sent fast

  5. undefined

    its nice n soft!! my dogs love sometimes they fight over it..but it came in a week!! im so happy i recommend buying!!

  6. undefined

    Very nice and comfortable.

  7. undefined

    I ‘ve been eating from the inks. Grand edge buv

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