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Introducing our Cat House Bed, the epitome of luxury and comfort for your feline companion. At Love and Pet Care, we understand that your cat deserves the best, and our Cat House Bed delivers just that.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Cat House Bed features a charming and cozy design. The unique house-shaped structure creates a sense of security and privacy, giving your cat a cozy retreat to call their own. The removable cushion pad adds an extra layer of comfort, providing a plush and inviting space for your cat to relax and unwind.

Our Cat House Bed is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. The soft and plush fabric is gentle on your cat’s fur, making it a delightful place for them to curl up and nap. The sturdy construction of the bed ensures stability and support, providing a safe and secure environment for your feline friend.

The luxurious design of our Cat House Bed adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. The neutral colors and stylish patterns blend seamlessly with any interior design, making it a beautiful addition to your living space. The compact size of the bed makes it suitable for cats of all sizes, from kittens to adult cats.

Not only is our Cat House Bed a cozy retreat, but it is also practical and easy to maintain. The removable cushion pad can be machine washed, keeping the bed clean and fresh for your cat’s enjoyment. The lightweight and portable design allow for easy transportation, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Spoil your feline friend with the ultimate luxury sleeping experience. Order our Cat House Bed now from Love and Pet Care and provide your cat with a stylish and comfortable haven they will love.


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80 reviews for Cat House Bed (Luxury Pet Bed)

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    Pet Bed really fantastic. I have 4 cats, including 2 cuccioline and I took a measurement big enough because I wanted to keep it in the living room and let everyone you use it. Is spacious, conveinent and well made. The fabric is velvet and pleasant, the pillow super soft. The material keeps good shape and is very durable. I have taken already somewhat and early seeing that not the used only for dormirci but also to play, temevo would have short life. Instead though there playing hide and seek, the crumple holded over and use sometimes even as scratching post, I have to say that is always in perfect condition. Them if they are in love, and also I☺️

  2. undefined

    They love it.

  3. undefined

    The cushion inside a bit of loose but generally satisfied

  4. undefined

    Well… is the same as the picture but it has come to me without the whole deformed ball, my cat does not like it and has not tried to get jajaja but not bad

  5. undefined

    It doesn’t match a photos and reality.

  6. undefined

    Received quickly, rather satisfied overall just I find it a pity that it is not thicker.

  7. undefined

    Is beautiful and arrived super fast but found soft and is turning there will have put a weight to get fixed.

  8. undefined

    It has less “body” than in the photographs. It looks of lower quality. It’s OK for the price

  9. undefined

    The goods came to the point of issue. The quality of the house itself is not bad. The form restored, the design of the house itself is successful. But the pillow inside is very soft, does not hold the shape, it is knocked down when the animal jump into the house. It will have to be replaced, sewn more convenient.

  10. undefined

    The bed is not bad, I took it as a second bed for Chihuahua. Pillow of poor quality and very thin (translucent).

  11. undefined

    He wanted it for me chihuahua and he loved it, plus he comes with a ball to play, super good

  12. undefined

    My cat really likes these and the seller kindly change the size of the bed from M to L so thank you❤️ both beds feels good and work☺️

  13. undefined

    The cat does not even go in there, the smell of the material is not very. It’s a pity that the cat did not like it. The lounger himself came very crumpled

  14. undefined

    It is like a blanket that has been folded for a decade.
    So difficult to make ir stand… but it looks good and cute.
    guess with time, it will be better??

  15. undefined

    Smaller than the indicated size

  16. undefined

    Perfect and I arrive very soon

  17. undefined

    The bottom of the lounger is very thin.

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  20. undefined

    Cute but the back doesn’t look like in the photo. And cat doesn’t like it at all. But it was for the price so okay.

  21. undefined

    good quality , looks as pictured

  22. undefined

    The house is very soft from synthetic fabric, the bottom is very thin and does not hold the shape, the pillow-litter is mixed, loose. But the cat sometimes lies in it. Waiting for winter, maybe then will want to keep warm there

  23. undefined

    The bed basket is very good. Small problem the cushion is very thin. We had to replace him with another one. Otherwise the basket is of quality

  24. undefined

    Beautiful very house, but the quality is not very, especially at the Pillow

  25. undefined

    Received quickly much earlier than the expected date, good quality, as in the photos.

  26. undefined

    The product is not bad but low quality, size S is not suitable for a small cat choose at least size M

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    Look really cute, bought the big size מצויין. For cats space inside. -Pad at the bottom, thin soft cozy.
    Look just like in the picture.

  31. undefined

    The pictures look better than it in reality. The basket falls easily in together. The cue ball is already after 5 min demolished. Size M is already almost too small, dear the largest size. Drops slightly small.

  32. undefined

    I ordered the size L, came the size M. so thin I will have to fill in Additionally well and the shape so far that I keep badly hope to recover. And the cat will appreciate this House. Delivery in Russia was very long already was ready to refuse I do not understand what is happening with the Mail

  33. undefined

    Normal, only the liner is all somehow lumps, not smooth. Cat somehow does not like

  34. undefined

    The bottom is not stable, the quality is triple

  35. undefined

    Okay, but he’s missing more padding on the bottom, so be it the cushion.

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  40. undefined

    The cat like it

  41. undefined

    The product is really nice but the wait times were really too long. I have placed the order the 26 July and I received the 30 August, although I had paid an extra fee for prompt shipment. If it wasn’t for this would be perfect.

  42. undefined

    The bed is very soft. Not hard as appears in the picture, so even is not pretty. For price thought was better

  43. undefined

    Excellent house, I liked the cat, the seller put also a gift)

  44. undefined

    Too small for Maine Coon cat 🙂

  45. undefined

    I arrive very fast to CDMX, Mexico I don’t like it is very simple it is not as it appears in the description

  46. undefined

  47. undefined

    The house is beautiful, soft and comfortable, well made a great size and still came a ball very small toast to cat… The seller sent the product super fast. I am very satisfied.

  48. undefined

    Quality is good

  49. undefined

  50. undefined

    size M ist to small for a cat

  51. undefined

  52. undefined

  53. undefined

    It’s very nice, as seen in the photo, m gusto

  54. undefined

  55. undefined

    They are happy!

  56. undefined

    The product is good, just Sorry opening is very large.

  57. undefined

    The item in the picture looks better quality than the one received.

  58. undefined

    Kitty likes it.. I give you only 3 stars since tube filling the inner pad, came very little filling

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  60. undefined

    Pictures for groom handsome gun almost resembles just little itself folded in ODA Bonnie properly rang corridor does with the four key some rigid nonwoven product quality is just written non-caustic only one seemed floor is just padded wad a bit for you

  61. undefined

    The bed is nice, but not high quality. The pillow inside is not connected to the complex, and the casing is too soft and isn’t resist for cat biting (showing in pics)

  62. undefined

    Super House, cat liked

  63. undefined

    super cute but a bit flimsy and has trouble holding up shape , not the best quality for the price

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  65. undefined

    Shvidko priyshov, seals have given and zadoleni, though I thought Vono breakfast, protya I statu.

  66. undefined

    Adorable pet cave beds! I ordered 3 Gray British Shorthair beds, Size L Large. Seller is very helpful and responsive with great communication!
    We foster special needs cats and kittens, so we can alway use extra bed space.
    Material is very soft and plush. Size Large is great for my bigger cat babies. Interior sleep area size is 15 x15 inches (38cm). It fits my 14lb (6.5kg) chonker kitty baby. (She is diabetic and currently on weight loss program)
    I was nervous the beds would be too small, but they are great! Not flimsy. Good quality and sturdy! The hood top stays open and does not collapse. So cute! Interior pillow is removable to wash- could use extra stuffing but easy fix with a baby blanket.
    19 days to be delivered to Midwest USA. Each bed wrapped in protective plastic for safe transit. Accurate tracking information. I also sign up for tracking notifications on USPS website. Great price, definitely recommend! Ty for cat toy gifts!

  67. undefined

    The ball was not on the thread sew is not a problem but I shoot the star
    Although the seller put another ball as a gift

  68. undefined

    Will the whole time to play and then same flaccid!!!

  69. undefined

    The fabric is not of good quality. We see it’s synthetic. The cushion padding is really deplorable. It is not usable at all. I’m really disappointed.

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  73. undefined

    I liked it very much, it came quickly, I drove it folded, at the beginning I had to straighten out and wait until I took the right form) the hanging inside the buof of In the set of a pillow, also there was a gift in the form of a small ball (ball), the cat really liked it, I advise

  74. undefined

    Product as in the image, maybe a little small, but pretty good.

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  76. undefined

  77. undefined

    I’m happy, thank you

  78. undefined

    The product arrived well and fast, but it is of poor quality, very thin and the dome barely has consistency and my cat easily deforms it. In the end I don’t recommend it, I find it expensive.

  79. undefined

    I know, but I expect it to be good…. Give me a dog!!

  80. undefined

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