Cat Wooden Scratcher (Lounge Bed 3 In 1 Scratching Post)

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Elevate Your Cat’s Comfort and Playtime with Our 3-in-1 Cat Wooden Scratcher Lounge Bed!

Introducing the perfect fusion of relaxation, entertainment, and style for your feline friend – our 3-in-1 Cat Wooden Scratcher Lounge Bed. Crafted with precision and designed for your cat’s ultimate comfort and enjoyment, this versatile piece of furniture will become your cat’s new favorite spot.

Key Features:

  1. 3-in-1 Design: Our cat scratcher is a lounge bed, a scratching post, and an entertainment center all in one, providing your cat with endless options for relaxation and play.
  2. Quality Wooden Construction: Made from durable, high-quality wood, this scratcher is built to last, ensuring your cat’s enjoyment for years to come.
  3. Comfortable Lounge Bed: The lounge bed offers a cozy spot for your cat to rest, nap, or simply watch the world go by, providing them with the perfect retreat.
  4. Effective Scratching Post: The scratching post features a textured surface that satisfies your cat’s natural scratching instincts, helping to keep their claws healthy and your furniture intact.
  5. Interactive Play: The scratcher includes hanging toys and interactive elements that engage your cat’s curiosity and playfulness, providing mental stimulation and entertainment.
  6. Stylish and Space-Saving: With its modern design, this scratcher complements your home decor while saving space, making it a functional and attractive addition to any room.

Why Choose Our 3-in-1 Cat Wooden Scratcher Lounge Bed?

  • Ideal for cats of all sizes and ages, offering them a comfortable lounge, a satisfying scratching post, and interactive playtime.
  • Elevate your cat’s comfort and entertainment while enhancing your home’s interior design.

Upgrade your cat’s lounging and play experience with our 3-in-1 Cat Wooden Scratcher Lounge Bed. It’s more than just a scratcher; it


This product is a cardboard lounge bed, also a cat scratching pad. Cats can scratch, play and take naps on it. It can help protect furniture from claw damage. Highly recommend.

It is made of 100% recyclable and high-quality cardboard with non-toxic glue and no harmful wooden materials. The solid wood frame can prevent corrugated cracking effectively. And also can extend the service life.



Satisfied cat’s scratching instinct. Cats can choose one of the three different scratching choices, like 0°, 40°and 70°. And subtle curves make for easier scratching & a more comfortable place to rest & play. Much better for the cat’s spine.



Tran your cataway from scartching furniture



Micro-arc surface design

More suitable for cat body curve

Unique U-shaped bed design makes the cat rest more comfortable



The solid wood frame can effectively protect the corrugated paper, prevent cracking, reduce the slag on the edge of the corrugated paper, and make the corrugated paper last longer.




1. Place the two side panels and two wooden strips as shown

2. Screw tightening fix

3. Put the side frame plate on the side plate

4. Corrugated paper and side plate are fixed with screws

5. Install the side plate angle according to your preference and fix it with screws


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14 reviews for Cat Wooden Scratcher (Lounge Bed 3 In 1 Scratching Post)

  1. Wendi Raver

    My cat has not yet shown interest in this scratching post, has not yet done it, only sits on it sometimes

  2. Shante Dezern

    A good and high-quality claw. and we and the cat really liked.

  3. Ildefonso Sollami

  4. Devon Huntoon

    Excellent! I hope my cats use that and not my bed or wall for scratches 😀 very cool! It came 4 small screws and those extras from the photo.

  5. Alpha Um

    Consistent with the description, kocia Miętka in gratisie. Though my view for road for this quality

  6. Carla Poole

  7. Klemens Totleben

  8. Ted Basye

    Came fast to Bulgaria. It was well packed. Includes also screws and screwdriver. My cat really likes it and use it on purpose I recommend the product and the seller!

  9. Isadora Heer

    January 14 orders, 17 days arrival delivery very fastI liked the screen so much that I ordered it for the refillable, but it is still in delivery. Only here! No, it’s different.

  10. Verline Cordon

    Lovely scratcher! The Cats are very happy-they began to use them right away, even who was the first to fight. I will order more!

  11. Korey Wu

  12. Néo Lortie

    Good price, shipped fast and item looks exactly as on the picture. Both cats absolutely love it and even fight for it, only sad thing is it takes dammage very fast. We have it for less then a week and see picture about the condition, it defenetely will not last long at all. But the cats really love it so i recommend it even though it will have a short life of existence.

  13. Mammie Aguiniga

    It’s a long long-Nangle to play forest ~ I thought it would shake when I went up, but it’s more stable than I thought. I am very satisfied with standing ^ ^

  14. Micael Montes

    When the package was opened, it was found that the cross bar was broken. But this is not essential, the seller reimbursed some of the money.
    The cat does not want to sharpen its claws-it loves it like a bed)

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