Dog Adjustable Necklace Dog Collar (Luxury PU Leather Collar)

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Introducing our exquisite Luxury Leather Collar, the epitome of style, elegance, and quality for your beloved canine companion. At Love and Pet Care, we believe that your pet’s accessories should not only be functional but also reflect their unique personality. Our Luxury Leather Collar offers a combination of sophistication, durability, and comfort, ensuring that your dog looks and feels their best.

Crafted with high-quality and luxurious PU leather, our Luxury Leather Collar exudes a sense of opulence and refinement. The collar features a soft and comfortable inner lining, providing a gentle and cozy fit for your pet. The adjustable buckle allows for a customized fit, ensuring a snug and secure connection.

Style is paramount with our Luxury Leather Collar. The collar showcases impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, featuring intricate stitching, embellishments, or unique patterns that enhance its overall beauty. Let your pet make a fashion statement with our luxurious collar that stands out from the crowd.

Durability is key. Our Luxury Leather Collar is built to last, with reinforced stitching and sturdy hardware that ensures longevity. The collar is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, maintaining its elegant appearance even with frequent use.

The easy-to-use buckle and D-ring provide a secure connection for leash attachment, allowing you to take your dog on walks with confidence. The collar’s lightweight design ensures that your pet remains comfortable during all activities.

Invest in the luxury, comfort, and style of your beloved pet with our exquisite Luxury Leather Collar. Order now from Love and Pet Care and give your furry friend the gift of a sophisticated and fashionable accessory that reflects their unique personality.

S: 19-27cm
M: 27-37cm
L: 38-48cm
XL: 46-56cm


Brown, Black, Green, Blue, Pink


S, M, L, XL

6 reviews for Dog Adjustable Necklace Dog Collar (Luxury PU Leather Collar)

  1. Marlen Akhmetov

    Country: AU
  2. Renesmae Knapp

    Country: FR

    Perfect, my dog is too beautiful with

  3. Fritz Filippi

    Country: FR

    Tres beautiful and good quality

  4. Antonio Levine

    Country: LV

    I liked the collar very much. Ordered for a French bulldog. Fits perfectly. The collar is soft, so that the dog will be comfortable wearing it

  5. Savannah Brotherton

    Country: CL

    Nice but expensive for what it is

  6. Verline Cordon

    Country: CL

    Nice but expensive for what it is

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