Dog Coat With Harness (Thicken Warm Coat With Hoodie)

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Winter Elegance: Thicken Warm Coat with Hoodie and Harness

Elevate your pup’s winter wardrobe with our Thicken Warm Coat featuring a Hoodie and Harness – the epitome of style, comfort, and functionality. This winter coat is designed to keep your furry friend snug, fashionable, and ready for chilly adventures.

Key Features:

🐾 Double-Duty Design: Our Winter Dog Coat does more than just keep your dog warm. The built-in harness adds an extra layer of functionality, allowing for easy leash attachment and providing you with secure control during walks.

❄️ Thickened Warmth: Embrace the cold with confidence. The coat is crafted with extra-thick materials to provide your pup with ultimate warmth, making it perfect for those brisk winter days and frosty nights.

🌟 Hoodie Chic: Elevate your dog’s style with the added flair of a hoodie. Not only does it add a touch of fashion, but it also provides extra coverage for your pet, ensuring they stay cozy even in the chilliest weather.

👌 Adjustable Straps: Every dog deserves a tailored fit. Our winter coat comes with adjustable straps, allowing you to customize the fit for your pup’s unique shape, ensuring both comfort and mobility.

Why Choose Our Thicken Warm Coat with Hoodie and Harness?

🐶 All-In-One Convenience: Say goodbye to juggling multiple accessories. Our coat combines the warmth of a winter coat, the convenience of a harness, and the style of a hoodie in one elegant design.

🎁 Ideal Gift for Fashionable Pups: Treat a stylish pup (and their owner) to the gift of winter elegance. Our Thicken Warm Coat is a thoughtful present for those who appreciate a perfect blend of fashion and functionality.

🌈 Stylish in Every Element: The sleek design, the warmth of the coat, the convenience of the harness, and the flair of the hoodie – every element is carefully crafted for a stylish winter ensemble.

Available in Multiple Sizes:

From petite pooches to larger breeds, our Thicken Warm Coat with Hoodie and Harness is available in various sizes to cater to dogs of all shapes and sizes. Refer to our size chart to find the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Wrap your pup in winter sophistication with our Thicken Warm Coat – because every dog deserves to stay warm and chic. Order now and let the winter fashion showcase begin!

Size Length(cm/inch) Neck(cm/inch) Chest(cm/inch)

S 24CM/9.45″ 24CM/9.45″ 34-37CM/13.39″-14.57″
M 28CM/11.02″ 28CM/11.02″ 40-44CM/15.75″-17.32″
L 32CM/12.60″ 32CM/12.60″ 45-49CM/17.72″-19.29″
XL 37CM/14.57″ 36CM/14.17″ 50-54CM/19.69″-21.26″
XXL 41CM/16.14″ 40CM/15.75″ 55-59CM/21.65″-23.23″


1. Made of highly waterproof fabric, suitable for rainy days.

2. High-quality zipper, easy to use, easy to put on and take off.

3. Adjustable strap design, multi-functional and practical.

4. The D-ring is thick and durable and can withstand stronger tension.

5. Not suitable for any medium or large dog breed. Please measure your pet and refer to the size chart before ordering, not just weight or breed. Breast size is preferred. If the measurement is between 2 dimensions, select a larger size.


Blue, Pink


S, M, L, XL, XXL

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