Dog Collar (Adjustable 3M Reflective Dog Collar)

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  • Type: Soft Padded Mesh Dog Collar 3M Reflective
  • Material: Mesh, Nylon, 3M Reflective
  • Color: Orange, Black, Neon Yellow, Blue, Fuchsia


1. Nylon webbing with 3M reflective material ensures Good Visibility and Safety at Night while Walking your Pet
2. Ring is made from a durable stainless steel Materia, making this Collar Very Durable with a Large Loading Capacity
and Tensile Strength for Large Dogs
3. Duraflex buckle is lightweight and has a large loading capacity which improves the tensile strength of this nylon pet dog collar. 
4. Soft breathable mesh lining makes this Dog Leash Extremely Comfortable for your Dog and does not cause wear on the dog.
5. Thanks to the wide soft mesh padding, the nylon pet dog collar is comfortable and does not cause wear on the dog’s fur or skin.
6. PERFECT MATCH FOR TRUELOVE LEASH – Made from the same design and bright stylish colors as the TRUELOVE LEASH.
Your Dog will be the Talk of the Neighborhood.

1.Nylon webbing with 3M reflective material ensures Good Visibility and Safety at Night while

Walking your Pet

2.Ring is made from a durable stainlee steel Materia, making this Collar Very Durable with 

a Large Loading Capacity and Tensile Strength for Large Dogs

3.Duraflex buckle is lightweight and have large loading capacity which improve the tensile

strength of this nylon pet dog collar. 

4.Soft breathable mesh lining make this Dog Leash Extremely Comfortable for your Dog,
does not cause wear on the dog.

5.Thanks to the wide soft mesh padding ,the nylon pet dog collar is comfortable and does
not cause wear on the dog’s fur or skin.





black, neon yellow, red, gray, blue, fuchsia, purple, orange, brown, royal blue, grass green



60 reviews for Dog Collar (Adjustable 3M Reflective Dog Collar)

  1. undefined

    For 20kg Border Collie

  2. undefined

    Super fast shipping. Thank you. Excellent collar, as expected.

  3. undefined

    Commandé jeudi reçu samedi !!! The top

  4. Bonnie Montes

    I love this seller. He has the best quality things for dogs and they specialize more on strong dogs, because the leashes and collars look very strong and you can not be afraid that at the wrong moment they they they they♥& Middot;♥& Middot;♥& Middot;

  5. undefined

    Excellent, good

  6. undefined

  7. undefined


  8. undefined

    As usual Super!

  9. undefined

    Previously ordered for a larger size, the quality was better.

  10. undefined

    The quality is excellent. On the German Pincher took in the size of L, it turned out to be still large, gave another dog. And this one came away))

  11. undefined

    1 star deduction because men back and again it tighter tightening must otherwise cool color orange matching dog leash in the same color.

  12. undefined

    Came a completely different color!!! And he was important to us, they bought a leash under the tree.

  13. undefined


  14. undefined

  15. Graham Rankin

    Super fast delivery colissimo , 5-6 days and I received the parcel, the collar is excellent

  16. Korey Wu

    A chic collar, but unfortunately, even the smallest XXS turned out to be great. Very high quality and really cool!

  17. undefined

    Size doesn’t fit.

  18. undefined

    Size L, specified 45-50 cm in the size table, in fact shorter than Max 45 min did not measure

  19. undefined

  20. Prudence Rodden

    Delivery in 3 days at the cash register in 5ku. Cool, bright, soft collar. Very satisfied!!! Took two colors for two dogs.
    On the one-year-old large mestiska with a shepherd is slightly too big, for growth)))

  21. undefined

  22. undefined

  23. undefined

    The product itself is correct, however the seller is not very professional, the tracking number of the parcel and the name of the carrier is fake, so that you do not know who is delivering you and where your package is, The other sellers with whom I worked communicate from the beginning the real tracking number with the real name of the carrier, in general the Post Office, it is true that the sellers I usually work with are Premium sellers, which is far from Truelove Official Store.

  24. undefined

    Very accurate

  25. undefined

    Delivered on time everything is fine!

  26. undefined

    Great Collar

  27. Gérald Noir

    I like virobi’s brand. Nashijnik took on a busy kinolog for the ithalisky Horta, rosemiisov, the mother’s room All of them are true! Podekudi nervivnyy shvi, ale is not critical, on the function did not insert. Reviews shvidka, delivery to cherniv for 4 types for reviews NP. I’m selling for goods.

  28. undefined

    Good quality price OK

  29. undefined

    It’s perfect!

  30. undefined

    The product is built with good materials, but the finish left weak!!

  31. undefined

  32. undefined

    It turned out to be large in size

  33. undefined

  34. undefined


  35. undefined

    The color is beautiful, it took me literally 2 days to arrive, never a product had taken me so little, super happy with the product and the speed of shipping. I had already ordered this brand before and it lasts very long, I have bought other colors for variety but I still keep the ones I bought two years ago and they are in perfect condition after being washed

  36. undefined

    Excellent product, very good quality, only the color looks like a mustard green instead of the neon green image.

  37. undefined

    Total disappointment. Yes beautiful. Probably the light reflects, for which it was bought. In the rest, an uncomplicated collar. Why, in order to zip the lock, the end with the “dad” should be held through the ring for fastening the carabiner leash?? Imagine in the ring sticks out a massive carabiner, and in the remaining place you need to squeeze the end of the leash with “dad” to insert it into “mom”. Why all the hemorrhoids? For reliability?? I have the simplest nylon ferplast, probably 7 years of unreplaceable in abundance, and even the hints are not on the fact that the metal ring will drag over. Well, most importantly! Size S C declared dog neck size 35-40 cm. Absolute profanation. Min. 26 cm, Max. 33 cm. And yes, at a minimum your waiting for a hemorrhoids with a preventing fastening of the lock is an incomprehensible hood with a button. So if you do not include emotions “Wow, what a beautiful one!”, then one star is a real assessment of this occasion. Now I’m in line at the post office to get my collar back.

  38. Yuvraj Wolf

    Received in 3 days, necklace of excellent qualities!
    Picture with and without Flash

  39. undefined

    Good but a little too wide for the small neck of my kaninchen and does not leave space between the neck carrying my dog has only a 26cm neck

  40. undefined

    I always buy these products, we love it. And now that we have 2 dogs, I’ll keep buyingFor me the best brand.

  41. undefined

  42. undefined

    Excellent quality and super fast shipping

  43. undefined

    An excellent collar that here is added to wear and worn, size L on the middle Pincher

  44. undefined

    I ordered for a puppy the smallest size XXS. In description, the width is 1,5 cm. In fact, the collar came 3 cm wide, probably on a hippo.

  45. undefined

    Good qulity. Recommend

  46. undefined

    Quality. But not adjustable. Or I didn’t understand how

  47. undefined

    Très bien

  48. undefined

  49. undefined

  50. undefined

    The order was very pleased. Quality goods. It remains only to try on. Definitely worth buying.

  51. undefined

    If the dog pulls, then the collar leaves.

  52. undefined

    A good collar, thin, came in less than a week, to Moscow.

  53. undefined

    I took two collars. The order came quickly. The dimensional ruler fully corresponds. It is convenient to fasten, pleasant to the touch

  54. undefined


  55. undefined

  56. undefined


  57. undefined

    The collar is described inaccurate this collar in the form of a surprise

  58. undefined

    Loved the product. Resistant, comfortable and was very fast.

  59. Debbie Tanner

    Excellent quality, the color looks beautiful on my little dog. We love it.♡♡♡

  60. undefined

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