Dog Harness (Breathable Lightweight Dog Harness)

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Introducing our Breathable Lightweight Dog Harness, the perfect accessory for your furry friend’s outdoor adventures. This high-quality harness is designed to provide comfort, security, and ease of use, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable experience for both you and your canine companion.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Breathable Lightweight Dog Harness is made from premium materials that prioritize breathability and durability. The lightweight design ensures that your dog can move freely without feeling weighed down, while the breathable mesh fabric allows for proper airflow, keeping your pet cool and comfortable even during active play or long walks.

With an emphasis on safety, this harness features adjustable straps that provide a snug and secure fit. The sturdy buckle and D-ring allow for easy attachment of a leash, ensuring that your dog stays close by your side and minimizing the risk of them slipping away. This added control gives you the confidence to explore the outdoors together.

We understand the importance of comfort, and that’s why our harness is designed with your dog’s well-being in mind. The soft padding on the chest and back areas prevents chafing and irritation, providing a gentle and cozy fit. The ergonomic design evenly distributes pressure across the body, reducing strain on your dog’s neck and shoulders.

Not only is our Breathable Lightweight Dog Harness functional and comfortable, but it also boasts a stylish and modern design. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, you can choose the perfect harness that reflects your dog’s personality and style. Whether you prefer a vibrant and bold hue or a classic and understated look, we have options to suit every taste.

This versatile harness is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, making it an excellent choice for pet owners with multiple furry friends. The adjustable straps ensure a customized fit, accommodating your dog’s growth and ensuring long-term use. From energetic puppies to mature dogs, our harness will adapt to their changing needs.

Our Breathable Lightweight Dog Harness is not only ideal for daily walks but also for various outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging, or training sessions. It allows your dog to move naturally while keeping them safe and secure by your side. The reflective strips on the harness enhance visibility, ensuring that your dog remains visible during low-light conditions.

Invest in the comfort, safety, and style of your beloved pet with our Breathable Lightweight Dog Harness. Experience worry-free walks, adventures, and bonding moments, knowing that your dog is comfortable, secure, and stylishly outfitted. Order your harness today and embark on exciting journeys with your canine companion.

Material: Nylon, Diving fabric,Plastic
Color: Beige, Gray, Black, Pink, etc.
Neck Size 26-30cm, Chest Size 34-43cm.
Neck Size 28-32cm, Chest Size 39-54cm.
Neck Size 35-42cm, Chest Size 43-71cm.
Neck Size 42-52cm, Chest Size 69-98cm.
Neck Size 48-70cm, Chest Size 71-102cm.
1. The Size is Measured Manually. There May Be an Error of 1 to 4cm Thank You for Your Understanding.
2. Please Measure Your Pet’s Chest Size and Neck Size, and Choose the Appropriate Size According to the Size Chart.


Beige, Black, Green, Red, Gray, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Darkblue, Coffee


XS, S, M, L, XL

20 reviews for Dog Harness (Breathable Lightweight Dog Harness)

  1. Cindi Mcfarlin

  2. Diedra Spath

    This is the cleanest brightest yellow that I have ever seen on a harness! This yellow is breathtaking! Beautiful harness!

  3. Fukumoto Shusake

    good product. thanks.

  4. Susann Masson

  5. Niam Mullins

    Deep red! This harness is so beautiful it’s hard not to look at my pooch. Everyone compliments him on his bright red harness!

  6. Gérald Courbet

  7. Olevia Lauder

  8. Starr Lheureux

  9. Korey Wu

    I don’t usually post reviews, but this harness is great! Amazing quality just like the original one. I have both and this one is 100% worth buying !! Will definitely get one more in another color

  10. Nour Hartman

  11. Eleri Barnes

    I exceed my expectations, I arrive more than expected and the color pink is beautiful. I asked for it in L and it was perfect

  12. Verline Cordon

    Good quality! Received in 10jrs

  13. Bonnie Montes

  14. Alfredo Lamanna

  15. Jaqueline Phipps

  16. Lakisha Mullenix

    The delivery is fast and the product is good. I don’t know it will be very good to be able to be able to be able to have a nice finish and sewing.
    5kg Maltifu, not small or big, just right

  17. Valtena Amodei

    The color of this harness is so vivid. It is the true color of what is advertised in the picture!

  18. Sarina Santos

    Golden Rovereber 26kg L size is slightly small. The design is pretty.

  19. Dastan Nurbolatev

    The harness sat down quite well, however, when the dog turns, a tubercle is created. Quality sewn, no thread sticking out anywhere. but the color of the sling is different from the color of the fabric, it looks a little strange, although the minus is insignificant. Even at a minimum puff, the harness in the chest area is too big. And a sling cuts into the shoulder blade. but the harness in general is still worth its money.

  20. Durante Sciara

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