Dog Lead & Collar (Fashion Flowers Collar)

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S collar width 2.5CM, length 15-25CM, suitable for pets under 12KG
M collar width 2.5CM length 23-40CM suitable for pets under 25KG
L collar width 2.5CM length 38-60CM suitable for pets under 40KG
The length of the rope is 150CM




Set, Collar, Lead


S, M, L

10 reviews for Dog Lead & Collar (Fashion Flowers Collar)

  1. Korey Wu

    Great kit. It’s just perfect for the lobby. Delicate, but strong lace. I liked the size of the flower, not more, not less. And, the width of the collar is also super. I’m very happy :))))

  2. Rudolf Kirsch

    absolutely amazing! thanks to the vendor, great service in no time. I took a S is perfect, our hairless dog is happy

  3. Speranzio Bartolone

    Very nice necklace for my bb

  4. Thibault Silvestre

    absolutely stunning!

  5. Valtena Amodei


  6. Iside Casaletto

    Both the necklace and the strap are very pretty, as described.
    I bought it for my big dog, because I love this model, but it’s more suitable for small or medium dogs.

  7. Jannette Wilmes

    The best collar that ever met me! It’s just fire!

  8. Patty Balser

    Very attractive collar and leash. It would look great for a dog bridesmaid. I had some issues getting the flower to go on since the elastic is so small. After several attempts I was able to force it on without damaging.

  9. Sigmund Bruckmann


  10. Finn Junkermann

    PERFECT!! really really classy and cute!
    Bought for a weeding! the wedding bride will be totally put in background with my puppy XD

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