Luxury Dog Bed (Soft Durable Mattress)

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Size:      S:  45*35*4.5      M: 67*47*4.5

                 L: 97*66*4.5       XL: 117*70*4.5   2XL:135*100*4.5









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S, M, L, XL, 2XL

60 reviews for Luxury Dog Bed (Soft Durable Mattress)

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    Great product, our black Lab is a tad bigger and the XL size isn’t quite his size, but it will have to do.
    He’s close to 40kgs, XXL would’ve been better for him.

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    Amazing bed. My dog fell in love from the first time. Prefers the bed instead of the couch.
    My dog is a 4 month old puppy, ~11 kg

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    Good afternoon. The bed is very high quality. a good replaceable cover. (it is removable can be washed). took the largest size. in a large cage just in size. we. The seller quickly sent the parcel. the track was tracked. Thank you so much.

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    very good quality my dogs loves it and my son also tried it out

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    The bed for my dog came and I’m glad you liked it.

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    It’s about Israel within Weekly. No created contact with the seller. The fabric of the bed is very pleasant. Don’t know if that’s really 4.5 cm m

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    Great lounger! I took the size XL for Akita. Ptouch satisfied, sleeps now only on it)) the quality is excellent) the cover is removable, it is possible to wash) let’s see how many will live

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    I arrive in 3 weeks in Canary Islands, well wrapped. Description as described in the photo. Besides, it’s a good mattress, as our furry plus he loves it.Don’t sink in it. Good product, I recommend.

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    Excellent bed for pet, very comfortable and beautiful, my dogs loved.

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    Very good. Convenient. you can remove the cover and wash

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