Leather Dog Collars (Adjustable Leather Spiked Collar)


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Leather Dog Collars Adjustable Anti-Bite Neck Strap PU Leather Spiked Pet Collars For Sports Bulldog Pet Products Dog Supplies


Product Name: Pet Anti-Bite collar


Material: PU, metal


Color: 6 colors


Package: 0PP bag, single piece into the bag



1. Fashionable and generous modeling, more lovely with metal decoration.


2. High-quality thickened P ∪ leather collar, alloy fastener, durable.


3. It is strong and durable. The surface of the button is electroplated with bright color and will not rust.

Package Included:

Pet collar*1


(PS: the size and weight are measured in real objects, and there may be some errors( ± 0.5cm/ ± 3G), please pay attention to this item when purchasing


red, yellow, blue, black, pink, sky blue


S, M, L, XL


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