Pet Bed (Long Plush Dog Bed)

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Pink, Gray, White, Black


40cmX30cmX5cm, 50cmX40cmX5cm, 70cmX50cmX7cm, 100cmX60cmX10cm

8 reviews for Pet Bed (Long Plush Dog Bed)

  1. Bonnie Montes

    Very well made and my dog likes it. I bought the large and it just fits my 80 lb Doberman. If I were to do it again I would go to the next size up to give him some more room to stretch out. But I have a few beds like this and this one is good quality. I do have a 6” thick memory foam bed that is superior to this but for the lighter weight this one is great for the family room and is easier to move around. Durable cover and good 4” foam.

  2. Gage Edmonds

    I bought this new bed for our big dog Bucky and he loves it. Don’t be alarmed when it comes in it will be vacuumed sealed in a small box, I was in shock when I saw how big it got out of the package! We are very satisfied and will but again!

  3. Cassey Odle

  4. Emmanuel Gillie

    Thank you! Cool!

  5. Sarina Santos

    It is easy to wash
    The dog is so fond of being soft

  6. Joseph Garreau

  7. Marchelle Dowden

  8. Chae Jiang

    I find it very thin. On the picture seems he much thicker.
    And for a dog diel ast of his joints very thin.
    Kwa price I find this pillow quite expensive it is just slightly thicker as a small mat

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