Pet Car Seat Belt (Adjustable Harness Seatbelt Lead)

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Item: Dog safety belt
Material: Senior Nylon Fabric
Color: Red/Black/Pink/Blue/ Sky Blue/Green/Orange/Yellow/Gray/Rose Red/Army Green/White/Purple
Length: About 45-72cm Width: 2.5 cm
Package included: 1pc Pet Safety Belt
Keep you and your dog/cat safe during driving.
Pet can sit, lay or stand comfortably in the car.

Introducing our Pet Car Seat Belt with Adjustable Harness Seatbelt Lead, the perfect safety accessory for your furry travel companion. Designed with both comfort and security in mind, this seat belt ensures your pet stays safe and secure during car rides.

Our Pet Car Seat Belt is made from high-quality materials, combining durability and flexibility for a comfortable fit. The adjustable harness allows you to customize the size to ensure a snug and secure fit for your pet. With this seat belt, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is safely restrained, preventing them from roaming around the car or becoming a distraction while driving.

The seat belt easily attaches to your pet’s harness and securely clips into the car’s seat belt buckle. The sturdy metal hardware and durable nylon webbing provide reliable strength and durability. The adjustable length allows your pet to sit, stand, or lie down comfortably without feeling restricted.

Not only does our Pet Car Seat Belt prioritize safety, but it also provides convenience for both you and your pet. It allows your pet to have some freedom of movement while keeping them securely in place. The seat belt can be quickly and easily attached or detached, making it ideal for quick trips or longer journeys.

Traveling with your pet has never been safer or more enjoyable than with our Pet Car Seat Belt with Adjustable Harness Seatbelt Lead. Ensure the well-being of your furry friend and provide them with the freedom and security they deserve during car rides.

Invest in the safety and comfort of your pet with our Pet Car Seat Belt with Adjustable Harness Seatbelt Lead. Shop with Love and Pet Care today to give your pet a safe and enjoyable travel experience.



White, Black, Green, Red, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Rose Red, Orange, Army green, Sky Blue

8 reviews for Pet Car Seat Belt (Adjustable Harness Seatbelt Lead)

  1. Fritz Filippi

    Convenient thing, the dog does not walk around the car. Strange, but only one of the three straps of the belt in the back seat ..

  2. Della Drew

    Great product!! Fast Shipping!!

  3. Lisabeth Brennen

    Perfect fast shipping

  4. Néo Lortie

    Pas encore essayé Merci

  5. Rosalie Robertson

    If the dog wants to jump to the floor, it will jumpAccording to the regulation at maximum and all the same

  6. Fernand Aveline

    Not a Big fan, but it works

  7. Oscar Álvarez

    Not yet I had occasion check if it works, but it looks exactly like the picture.

  8. Lorean Soni

    Very fast shipping, good quality

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