Pet Carrier (Bag Backpack Travel Carrier)

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Friends, are you still worrying about pets going out?

Don’t you want to leave when the furkid is tired?

Naughty outside?

Inconvenient to hold?

Then, a worry-free product that allows you to travel with your pet was born!

Solve the problem of traveling with pets — pet Dog Carrier Bag


Comfortable material :

This bag is made of machine-washable breathable soft fabric. The material is thick enough to ensure softness and make furkids feel at ease.

Secure enough :

This pet carrier can hold your pet easily, you just need to put your pet into the bag, and attach the security lock to the ring on the collar or harness. The belt can be moved to change the size of the opening to fit different sizes of furkids (see pictures ). This will help keep your pet safe if accidental falling happens, it will make sure your pet is safe and secure.

Adequate Convenience:

It is very convenient to Hold Your Furkids Whether You are walking, outing, hiking, weekend adventure, traveling, shopping, cycling, on the subway, etc. Some dogs are old or injured, and they are unable to walk for too long, then you can put them into the dog sling and take them for a walk.

Sophisticated product technology:

Let you spend less money and have higher quality products.

Multi-color, multi-size :

The products have different colors and sizes to meet your different needs.

Product Features:

1. Perfect for: dogs, Cats, (Yorkie, chihuahua, pomeranian, Akita, schnauzer, toy breed, Poodle, Bichon, Papillon, Maltese, Aberdeen Terrier, Havanese etc), rabbits, ducks, little pig , guinea pig, small animals,ect.

2. Hands-free: Release your hands with Pet Carrier Bag to take your puppy for outdoor walking and weekend adventure.

3. Security Lock: Pet Dog Carrier Bag carrier is designed for keeping your small dogs secure. Use the safety lock to prevent small dogs from jumping or falling out of dog bag sling.

4. Machine Washable: Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. With soft breathable material, make your pets feel so comfortable. TOMAS dog purse is durable for you to use it.

5. Pocket & Zipper: Convenient and safe to put your keys, snacks, poo bags ect in a puppy carrier, making you ease and free.

6. Material: Oxford Mesh

7. Color: Rose Red/Orange/Blue/Green/black


9. Weight: S:400g/M:450g/L:600g






Rose Red, Orange, Rose Red with Bowl, Black with Bowl, Green with Bowl, Orange with Bowl, Blue with Bowl, Black, Green, Blue


S for 0-5kg, M for 5-10kg, L for 10-13kg

8 reviews for Pet Carrier (Bag Backpack Travel Carrier)

  1. Della Drew

  2. Micael Montes

    As the description is. My dog is a 3 kg chihuhua and I bought size S.

  3. Devon Huntoon

  4. Emma Carra


  5. Niam Mullins

    All ok good product

  6. Lluciano Marcos

    I haven’t used it yet but it looks very good. The big one is very large, ideal for puppies of large breeds. The quality is good and it is as it comes in the photos.

  7. Franchesca Schwebach


  8. Tandy Hoyte

    I just thought it was red but my dog loves it

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