Pet Cat Harness (Cat Leash & Harness Set)

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Introducing the perfect solution for feline adventurers – our Cat Leash & Harness Set, designed with your curious and playful cat in mind. At Loveandpetcare, we recognize that cats love to explore, and our Cat Harness Set offers a safe and comfortable way for your furry friend to enjoy outdoor escapades while staying in control.

Key Features:

  1. Secure Leash and Harness: Unleash your cat’s inner explorer with our Cat Leash & Harness Set. Crafted with quality materials, the harness ensures a secure fit that prevents escapes while allowing your cat to move naturally.
  2. Comfortable and Safe: Your cat’s comfort is paramount. Our harness features soft and lightweight materials that don’t restrict movement, ensuring your feline companion is comfortable during walks. The adjustable straps ensure a snug fit tailored to your cat’s size.
  3. Easy-to-Use Design: Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated fittings. Our Cat Harness Set is designed for easy on and off, allowing you to quickly get your cat ready for outdoor adventures. The sturdy buckle and secure clips ensure a snug fit that won’t slip off.
  4. Exploration and Bonding: Take your cat on exciting journeys while strengthening your bond. The Cat Leash & Harness Set offers a secure way to explore the world together, whether it’s a leisurely stroll in the garden or a more adventurous outing.
  5. Durable and Long-Lasting: Crafted with durability in mind, our Cat Harness Set is designed to withstand your cat’s active nature. The reinforced stitching and quality hardware ensure this set is built to last through countless adventures.
  6. Adjustable Leash Length: The included leash is adjustable, allowing you to choose the ideal length for your cat’s comfort and safety. Enjoy full control while giving your cat the freedom to roam.
  7. Stylish Design: Your cat will strut their stuff in style with our fashionable Cat Leash & Harness Set. Choose from a range of colors and patterns that reflect your cat’s unique personality.
  8. Suitable for Indoor Cats: Even if your cat is primarily an indoor pet, the Cat Harness Set offers a safe way to introduce them to the great outdoors under your watchful eye.
  9. Size Options: Our Cat Leash & Harness Set is available in various sizes to accommodate cats of all breeds and sizes. Be sure to measure your cat’s girth accurately to select the right fit.
  10. Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you.

Elevate your cat’s outdoor experiences with our Cat Leash & Harness Set, designed for comfort, security, and style. Let your feline companion embrace the world with confidence, all while ensuring their safety and enjoyment. Order now and embark on memorable adventures together!

Package includes:

1x Small Cat Walking Vest
1x Walking Nylon Leash (150cm)

Sizes Available:

1. XS: Designed for Average Cats (Neck Girth: 8.5 -11″, Chest Girth: 13.5 – 16″)
2. S: Designed for Large Cats (Neck Girth: 11.0 -13.7″, Chest Girth: 18.0 – 20″)
* If your cat is between sizes, please go for the smaller size. This harness is not meant for newborn babies or small kittens..

Comfortable Outdoor Harness

This real comfy cat harness will snugly fit your feline friend’s body, while still keeping him or her cool with its breathable air mesh. Soft and lightweight (approx. 100g), suitable for daily walking, jogging, training, and any outdoor recreations. Also a perfect comfort harness when you’re taking your kitty to an unfamiliar place, such as the vet or groomer



Purple, Rose Red, blue, Black, Red, green, Yellow, Pink



59 reviews for Pet Cat Harness (Cat Leash & Harness Set)

  1. Shante Dezern

    Very cute, durable, kinda heavy, steady if right fit, looks cute and is safe

  2. Yuvraj Wolf

    A helmet dugé yakysna. Zamovlennya went to Ukraine for 30 days. I read the phone and took the Xs, prote treda Bulo Taki Brati rosmir bielshe. This one on the cat vpritik, the edge of the B Bulo mathy in the spare rosemira, on the vipadok yakshcho kit will get. The city of kit dorosly, the middle of staturi, itself is not rude, your cat is rough on the edge of the city. Photo of the cat prikryplya, yakshcho your kit takiy Abo bielshe, take a rosemir with

  3. Émeric Figuier

    Soft harness, looking beautiful, reflective stripes are. On the cat has not yet dressed

  4. Chae Jiang

    Very good, color shade not as bright as in the photo.

  5. Gage Edmonds

    The product is the same as in the photo, I chose pink and it is the same tone as the one in the photos. It’s firm, safe, soft and light. The strap is longer than usual and the harness is 100% adjustable. Now my kitty Aki will be able to get out safer in the yard.

  6. Reiko Jeanlouis

    it is very fast. super quality.

  7. Branda Goshorn

    Exactly as in the picture, it’s perfect now just needs to get used to it. It’s pretty safe.

  8. Takako Ream

    It’s a little big, it’s wide in the chest so it won’t work for me more than for image.

  9. Valtena Amodei

    Good quality but my cat managed to remove it

  10. Kathi Okamura

    It’s a bit of a mess. The product reviews the photo, video and description. Shipping shvidka

  11. Roderick Roth

    Salesman Duge schvidko prinyav zamovlennya. The goods are yakisniy, all the Sui are acurately stitched. I turned rosemir S, ale all one helmet is great on the cat. This rosemir for a large cat. Our kitty is important 4,5 kg. Zamovlennya came for 3 types. I recommend selling.

  12. Jannette Wilmes

    super goods very!!!! shipping fast. recommend!!

  13. Shanda Gatling

    I just got the leash and took only 10 days or less.. so fast and so happy cause is as described and very pretty.

  14. Jaqueline Phipps

    Even though I asked for the smallest size it’s still big on my cats, they’re a lot of size

  15. Moriya Masanobu

    It is exactly the same as the photo, I am very satisfied with my request

  16. Marlen Akhmetov

    ! Quality is super!

  17. Windy Milnes

    The quality is good, but we are still large)))

  18. Xose Mendez

    Excellent, qualitatively done. The cat will be happy.

  19. Graham Rankin

    Excellent, on the Kuna 10 kg (s). The village is excellent.
    Everything is adjusted and adjustable.

  20. Mahi Reid

    She took on a four-month-old kitten Orientals size XS, a little free, but sits well. The only thing that, the kitten does not hold this weight and falls)))) due to carabiners and latches, the design is not very light. With the seller did not communicate, the quality is excellent, the carabiner is good, the threads do not stick out, everyone is happy

  21. Germain Beaumont

    At 5 kg the cat had to tighten to the maximum, so as not to twist out of it. But with this tightening of the buckle, it turns out that the armpits fall into it and interfere with walking. And so everything is fine, delivery is fast.

  22. Iside Casaletto

    Great quality

  23. Lorean Soni

    I think it’s a little big for three months.
    If you’re bigger, you’re gonna wipe out ~
    I think the product is sturdy ~
    Spark a lot

  24. Lisabeth Brennen

    Awesome! On the one-year-old Maine Kunov just right!

  25. Clarita Pursell

    On Cats 3-5 kg excellent (xs). all the village is good.
    Adjustable customized

  26. Prudence Rodden

    It’s a great product! I was hesitant since our cat has been strictly indoors for years but I thought now that maybe we can get her to go outside once in a while for sunshine. She’s an old cat so we didn’t know if she’ll accept the harness but turns out after getting her used to it indoors and with lots of treats.she’ll see it as a good thing.We took her outside for the first time and she was actually being good and wasn’t forcing herself out of her harness!
    Worth the product, totally don’t feel like she’ll escape, and hopefully she’ll fully welcome it as we continue to train her more!

  27. Major Woodrum

    Bjr Ali express well received thank you

  28. Finn Junkermann

    A pretty comfortable harness for kittens, the measurements are as the description says and comes with your strap, everything arrived in perfect condition

  29. Coleen Dragon

    Very good quality

  30. Savannah Brotherton

    The arc of class wiring, the cat is not to choke, Bachu shcho and zroblen ohaino. Recommend!

  31. Armaan Ellison

    I followed the instructions and left the harness and leash beside my cat’s bowl for a couple of days. I was super quick about slipping it on and gave him lots of praise and treats. He was walking kind of funny with it on,but I know it’s not because of the product-He does this with collars too. So I left the harness on him for a couple of hours so he could get adjusted. PS the ”S”size fit my big 18 pound baby perfectly

  32. Gérald Courbet

    High quality product. I ordered the smallest and it is still big for my 4 month old kitty so we need to Wait to USE it

  33. Alisa Watts

    It’s good and safe for cats, now go out with him safely. And I’m not afraid to run away. Safe product. And good quality

  34. Alpha Um

    My cat Zoi was diagnosed this past year with an illness that needs to be monitored 24/7 and meds given several times a day. So we needed to somehow figure out how to safely take her on vacations with us as we are RVers and travel a lot in the summer months. All of our cats were indoor only up till this point so we weren’t sure what to expect. I purchased several harnesses to see which would be appropriate for her and we felt this one was best for safety. I would never recommend just putting it on and tying your cat up on a leash somewhere as cats probably can eventually figure out a way to get out of anything right?ol –
    But on a leash that is led by me at all times I felt very comfortable having her on the deck with us while enjoying the outdoors.

  35. Tandy Hoyte

    quality is good .most statify

  36. Starr Lheureux

    The helmet is very comfortable, I liked the system of rubber bands and fasteners. The carabiner from the leash seems weak, in general, you can replace with something stronger)
    My cat is 1,2, weight 5 kg, the belt is slightly too big (2 cm), but I think we will grow more.
    Great stuff. I did not communicate with the seller.
    The cat is happy, me too))

  37. Renesmae Knapp

    Super, super fast delivery! Quality also very good, size suitable.

  38. Della Drew

    Idealna! Rosemir took Xs, the prote of the trophies of the savelika. Not critical. The cat was like that. Mi 5 kg. I came to shvidko, I did not sell it to the seller

  39. Patty Balser

    For Kitty +-4 kg, great!

  40. Fernand Aveline

    The goods are good, the lace is normal. I ‘ve been wondering if the Casper buve is a small koshenam, once Wien pydris, ale zavelik, and I want to see it. So it was nice to look at the expensive cat (LACES to handle)

  41. Kemberly Roza

    Very happy kitty <3 just like the pictures and can easily adjust

  42. Craig Piro

    I had to use a size XS for a 4 year old adult cat. Sizes are almost dogs, not cats

  43. Wendelin Jonas

    All right.

  44. Ildefonso Sollami

    Arrived quickly and in good condition. Fits well and is secure.

  45. Diedra Spath

    The material is nice and the finish is very good. It’s totally worth it.

  46. Néo Lortie

    Excellent fit stamp top quality

  47. Aliya Fernandez

    Great deal. Pictures from our first adventure. It’s a little better (tighter is better! XS is best even for a larger cat)

  48. Dieter Krist

    Beautiful harness that fits perfectly! My cat is used to a different type of gear, but she had no problem switching to this one. It’s made from pleasant materials, doesn’t smell and, most importantly, provides comfort and safety for the cat. I also tried whether my cat would be able to escape the harness if needed and she did, so there’s no need to worry about your cat getting stuck (that doesn’t mean she could escape just randomly on a walk). Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase and would 10/10 recommend! 🙂

  49. Lanie Edwin

    The quality is excellent!!!Satisfied.

  50. Alfredo Lamanna

    Should have bought XS. Neck too big for 7 kg cat

  51. Niam Mullins

    The sizes are a little big, even the girl looks pretty on my cats but doesn’t hold them to be sure they won’t get out of it. The very good quality.

  52. Lelah Pelosi

    The collar is super cool! Quality at the highest level, perfect! It is convenient to put on a cat. The cat is comfortable, the collar is soft, pleasant to the touch, does not press anywhere. For a cat weighing 5 kg. The size of Xs came up perfectly. For seals smaller and larger, too, it will be good, because. The length of the belts is adjustable.
    I recommend to buy on% !!! Do not doubt, you will like it.

  53. Marchelle Dowden

    This item is very high quality and looks exactly like the picture. It looks very nice on and I would highly recommend purchasing this item.

  54. Emma Carra

    Overall good. Adjustable buckles and the neck loop could have been easier to use, they aren’t terrible but not great design either. Especially the neck loop – cat is not at all amused when you try to fit it. But it works, quality is fine and size adjusts to a perfect measurements.

  55. Cindi Mcfarlin

    High quality cat harness. My cat loves being outside 🙂

  56. Fritz Filippi

    My cat is small

  57. Devon Huntoon

    very good quality

  58. Antonio Levine

    Done well, arrived in less than a month in the combined package by new mail. The cat gets used to it for 5 months, took the size XS a little too big. I recommend it, sent the goods quickly.

  59. Bonnie Montes

    Very happy with the purchase,

    He arrived fast

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