Pet Dog Harness (Floral Pattern Adjustable Harness)

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Elevate Your Pup’s Style and Comfort with Our Floral Pattern Adjustable Pet Dog Harness!

Introducing our Floral Pattern Adjustable Pet Dog Harness, the perfect blend of fashion and function for your furry companion. Whether you’re strolling through the park or embarking on a new adventure, this harness is designed to provide superior comfort and style, ensuring your pup is the center of attention.

Key Features:

  1. Stylish Floral Elegance: Make a statement with our Floral Pattern Adjustable Pet Dog Harness. The beautifully crafted floral pattern adds a touch of elegance and charm, turning your pup into a true fashionista wherever you go.
  2. Customizable Fit: Our adjustable harness ensures the perfect fit for dogs of various sizes. The adjustable straps allow you to create a snug and comfortable fit that prevents pulling and tugging, making walks a breeze for both you and your pup.
  3. Enhanced Control and Safety: With a secure and sturdy D-ring attachment, you can confidently attach your leash and maintain full control during walks. The Floral Pattern Adjustable Pet Dog Harness is designed to distribute pressure evenly, reducing strain on your pup’s neck.
  4. Soft and Breathable Material: Your pup’s comfort is our priority. Crafted from high-quality, breathable materials, our harness prevents overheating and irritation, allowing your furry friend to enjoy extended wear without discomfort.
  5. Easy On and Off: Say goodbye to the struggles of dressing your pup. Our harness features quick-release buckles that make putting it on and taking it off a breeze, saving you time and hassle.
  6. Versatile D-Ring: The D-ring attachment not only serves as a leash anchor but also provides a convenient spot to attach ID tags or accessories, allowing your pup to showcase their personality.
  7. Adjustable Straps: The adjustable straps ensure that the Floral Pattern Adjustable Pet Dog Harness grows with your pup, accommodating changes in size and ensuring a secure fit at all times.
  8. Fashion Meets Function: Not only is our harness stylish, but it’s also designed to enhance your pup’s overall well-being. The Floral Pattern Adjustable Pet Dog Harness discourages pulling and promotes proper walking behavior.
  9. Machine Washable: Keep your pup’s harness looking fresh and clean with ease. Our harness is machine washable, allowing you to maintain its vibrant floral design without any hassle.
  10. Perfect for Any Occasion: Whether it’s a casual walk around the block, a trip to the dog park, or a special outing, our Floral Pattern Adjustable Pet Dog Harness is the ideal choice for every adventure.

Elevate your pup’s daily walks from ordinary to extraordinary with the Floral Pattern Adjustable Pet Dog Harness. It’s more than just a harness – it’s a fashion statement that reflects your pet’s unique personality and your impeccable taste. Let your pup strut their stuff in style while enjoying the utmost comfort and support. Order now and make your pup the envy of the neighborhood!

Product: Pet Harness

Model number:TLH5655

Colors:Saxony Blue

Size: S / M / L

Material: Cotton / Aluminum Alloy



Make from 100% cotton, it is sturdy and can keeping your pet in comfortable and protect their fur.


Adjusting to fit pet’s body,to get equal force,that would give pet more comfortable.


With alloy aluminum material,that is light and sturdy,and easy on and off.


3M reflection,to enhance safety and avoid accidents and ensuring the safe of pets in night.


M, S, L



9 reviews for Pet Dog Harness (Floral Pattern Adjustable Harness)

  1. Lakisha Mullenix

    The harness is very high quality, bright, beautiful. There is a large range of volume adjustment, the fittings are of high quality. On the dog sits well. The delivery was very fast.

  2. Fernand Aveline

    Très bien

  3. Verline Cordon

    Good quality product. Beautiful but with small discrepancy in color in relation to the photos.

  4. Branda Goshorn

    I love this product, very beautiful, beautiful finishes. It can be opened at the level of the neck and at the level of the chest it is very convenient. To see how it is used over time but it’s a good brand so I have confidence. The price-quality ratio is top! Shipping and fast delivery.

  5. Andrea Xiong

    A bit big but is ok good quality

  6. Ellie Julius

    The harness looks good quality and fits your neck and chest contour. I’m worried it’s somewhat short and rubbing the straps against his front legs. I bought size L for a 32 kg Labrador

  7. Carla Poole

    Just ideal. I bought and did not survive the Bulo of the long-lived vidguku. Ale the goods of Shvidko and I won that thing. Recommend

  8. Rudolf Kirsch

    A beautiful dog harnware! High quality!

  9. Efan Wharton

    Very good quality I recommend

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