Pet Double-sided Brush (Stainless Steel Needle Bristles Brush)

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Introducing our Pet Double-sided Brush, the perfect grooming tool to keep your furry friend’s coat looking clean, healthy, and tangle-free. This brush features stainless steel needle bristles on one side and soft bristles on the other, making it versatile and effective for all your pet’s grooming needs.

The stainless steel needle bristles are designed to penetrate deep into your pet’s coat, effectively removing loose fur, tangles, and mats. These bristles are gentle on your pet’s skin, ensuring a comfortable grooming experience. The stainless steel construction adds durability and longevity to the brush, making it a reliable choice for long-term use.

On the opposite side of the brush, you’ll find soft bristles that are perfect for smoothing and distributing natural oils throughout your pet’s coat. These bristles help to promote a healthy and shiny coat while providing a soothing and relaxing massage for your pet. Regular brushing with the Pet Double-sided Brush can help to reduce shedding and keep your pet’s fur looking its best.

The ergonomic design of the brush ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to groom your pet with ease. The handle is made from high-quality materials that are durable and easy to clean. Whether you have a small dog, a large cat, or any other furry companion, this brush is suitable for pets of all sizes and breeds.

Grooming your pet with the Pet Double-sided Brush is not only beneficial for their appearance but also for their overall well-being. Regular brushing helps to stimulate blood circulation and remove dirt and debris from your pet’s coat. It also provides an opportunity for bonding and strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend.

The double-sided feature of this brush makes it a versatile tool for all your pet’s grooming needs. Whether you’re removing tangles and mats, detangling fur, or simply giving your pet a relaxing brush, this brush has you covered. The stainless steel needle bristles are ideal for more challenging areas, such as thick coats or hard-to-reach spots, while the soft bristles provide a gentle touch for sensitive areas.

Keeping the Pet Double-sided Brush clean is a breeze. Simply remove any loose fur or debris from the bristles after each use and wash the brush with mild soap and water as needed. This ensures that the brush remains hygienic and ready for the next grooming session.

Invest in the well-being of your pet and make grooming a breeze with our Pet Double-sided Brush. With its stainless steel needle bristles, soft bristles, and ergonomic design, it’s the perfect tool to keep your pet’s coat looking beautiful and healthy. Add this brush to your grooming routine and enjoy the benefits of a clean and tangle-free coat for your beloved furry companion.

Order the Pet Double-sided Brush today and experience the joy of grooming your pet with a high-quality and versatile grooming tool that will keep their coat looking its best.


Material: Stainless Steel Needle, Raw Bamboo Production

Color:Original bamboo

Size:S / M / L 


1.Dot stainless steel brush needle

It is not easy to spread bacteria and is not easy to generate static electricity. It can prevent pet hair from flying and knotting again, which can promote blood circulation and facilitate metabolism..

2.Air cushion breathing hole

For safety and comfort, it is resistant to mold and moisture, and it has a long service life.Not a steel pin is missing.

3.Bristles Hair brush

Massage the pet’s fur,allows pets to play a role in blood circulation Bring more care to the little pet.Simple and comfortable experience.

4.Original bamboo pattern

Keeping environmentally friendly bamboo products, each comb has its own unique texture.

5.Laser engraving logo

Brand logo laser engraving, exquisite texture.

Pet Comb Family

Recommend everyone to use a comfortable and comfortable comb for pets.



Original bamboo


S, M, L

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