Pet Food Plastic Storage (Storage with Measuring Cup Container)

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2KG black, 1.5KG black, 2KG white, 1.5KG white, set 1, set 2

10 reviews for Pet Food Plastic Storage (Storage with Measuring Cup Container)

  1. Winston Hyde

  2. Valtena Amodei

  3. Micael Montes

  4. Tandy Hoyte

    It looks good! But the snaps at the lid seem flimsy!

  5. Vladimiro De Angelo

    So good and received for just 3 weeks.
    Perfect product for home use and for traveling!!!
    Now I have everything clean and in one place.
    Easy can measure the dayly portion of my dog.

  6. Debbie Tanner

  7. Windy Milnes

  8. Aliya Fernandez

  9. Aamir Boyd

  10. Korey Wu

    I have only one tiny complain:
    One side of the tab arrived a little broken. it still works but you need to be extra careful when opening and closing to refill.
    besides that it’s in excellent shape, thank you

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