Pet Harness And Leash (Adjustable Vest Harness And Leash)

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Introducing the ultimate Pet Harness and Leash Set – the perfect combination of style, comfort, and control for your beloved furry friend. At, we understand the importance of a reliable and secure harness and leash, which is why we have carefully crafted this set to cater to the needs of both pets and pet owners.

Key Features:

  1. Adjustable Vest Harness: Our Pet Harness and Leash Set features an adjustable vest-style harness that ensures a snug and comfortable fit for your pet. The harness is designed to distribute pressure evenly across your pet’s chest, preventing any strain on their neck and throat. With multiple points of adjustment, you can customize the fit to suit your pet’s unique body shape and size.
  2. Sturdy and Durable: The harness is made from high-quality materials that are built to last. The durable nylon webbing and reinforced stitching ensure that the harness can withstand the wear and tear of daily use and outdoor adventures.
  3. Reflective for Safety: We prioritize your pet’s safety, especially during low-light conditions. That’s why our Pet Harness and Leash Set features reflective stitching, making your pet visible to passing vehicles and pedestrians during evening walks or early morning outings.
  4. Breathable and Comfortable: The vest-style design of the harness allows for proper air circulation, keeping your pet cool and comfortable even during hot summer days. The soft padding on the inside adds an extra layer of comfort, making it enjoyable for your pet to wear all day long.
  5. Easy On and Off: The harness is equipped with quick-release buckles, making it effortless to put on and take off. Say goodbye to the hassle of struggling with complicated straps, and instead, enjoy the simplicity and convenience of our easy-to-use harness.
  6. Strong and Reliable Leash: The included leash is made from durable nylon and features a sturdy metal clip that securely attaches to the harness. The leash provides you with optimal control while walking your pet, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for both of you.
  7. Versatile and Functional: The Pet Harness and Leash Set is designed for all types of activities, whether it’s a casual stroll around the neighborhood, a trip to the dog park, or hiking in the great outdoors. This set allows your pet to explore the world with confidence and freedom, while still remaining under your control.
  8. Fashionable Designs: Our Pet Harness and Leash Set comes in a variety of stylish colors and patterns, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your pet’s personality and your personal taste.

Invest in the comfort and safety of your pet with our Pet Harness and Leash Set, exclusively available at This set is designed to enhance your pet’s walking experience and give you the peace of mind knowing that they are secure and comfortable at all times. Whether you have a playful pup or a curious cat, this adjustable vest harness and leash set is the perfect choice for pet owners who want nothing but the best for their furry companions. Walk with confidence and style with the Pet Harness and Leash Set, because every step with your pet should be a joyous and enjoyable moment.

Model: Puppy Husky, two months, 2.2 kg, choose S size. Attention: We recommend that you can purchase the larger size for a puppy.

Pet Harness Leash for Cats and Small Medium Dogs

Please measure your pet size accurately before placing an order. Or you can measure the maximum value of your pet’s neck and find the right size. Reminder: Due to the long arrival time of international logistics, if your pet is still a puppy or a kitten, we recommend that you can purchase the size of the larger one. Thanks.


Material: Nylon, Zinc-alloy Hook

Color: red, blue, pink, yellow, brown, green, black

Suitable for: Cat Puppy Small and Medium Dogs

Harness size: XS, S, M

Attention: Only the size XS plastic buckles are light grey as below show. The others are as the pictures on main options display.

Washing: Hand Wash, No ironing.

Adjust the plastic buckles to the right size.

High quality of materials, good sewing and durability.

A high-quality Zinc-alloy hook makes this leash very durable than normal.

Polka Dot Print Harness and Leash

Plaid Embroidery Harness and Leash

Giraffe Stipe Print Harness Leash

Zebra Stripe Print Harness and Leash

Stars Print Harness and Leash



Red Polka Dot, Blue Polka Dot, Brown Polka Dot, Pink Polka Dot, Green Polka Dot, Yellow Polka Dot, Red Plaid, Pink Plaid, Blue Plaid, Brown Plaid, Green Plaid, Yellow Plaid, Red Giraffe, Pink Giraffe, Blue Giraffe, Green Giraffe, Yellow Giraffe, Black Giraffe, Red Zebra, Pink Zebra, Blue Zebra, Brown Zebra, Green Zebra, Yellow Zebra, Pink Stars, Brown Stars, Yellow Stars


XS, S, M

19 reviews for Pet Harness And Leash (Adjustable Vest Harness And Leash)

  1. Lelah Pelosi

    The harness is good

  2. Ted Basye

    Maine-Coon 1 year, came up, took the size of M. The cat feels great in it.

  3. Alfredo Lamanna

    Beautiful harness for our puppy

  4. Marchelle Dowden

    Harness norms. For Spitz 2 kg. S fit well.

  5. Klemens Totleben

    Excellent and very revolves

  6. Wendi Raver

    Scale large לשיצו

  7. Nour Hartman

    Perfect quality and aesthetic

  8. Ildefonso Sollami

    very cute

  9. Windy Milnes

    Thin leash. Just for the Chihuahua. Looks great. Thank you. Me and the dog are happy ..

  10. Graham Rankin

    very good

  11. Oscar Álvarez

    Good!!! Recommended!!!

  12. Antonio Levine

    Very good size for Chihuahua
    Very good size for Chihuahua

  13. Fernand Aveline

    The harness is excellent, I took the size m for the 8 kg Shitz, the chest circumference is about 48 cm, the set is a small leash

  14. Della Drew

    Color as described … good quality All and all love it

  15. Joseph Garreau

    A chic harness for your money! The size grid corresponds to. Took Size S for dog 5 kg chest circumference 42 cm. Delivery is fast, brought home. Thank you!

  16. Yuvraj Wolf

    The article corresponds to what has been described but the shipment has been painful and it is already the second time that it happens to me in the same month. The product has been in my city office since January 18 and they have waited for January 30 (the last day of the stipulated delivery date) to bring it home. And with another product they did the same to me, he was in my city office from January 4 to January 17 (last day of delivery stipulated) that they deigned to deliver it to me. Very dissatisfied.. I hope the comment will help you.

  17. Emma Carra

    Great, as described

  18. Franchesca Schwebach

    Good size for small dog

  19. Branda Goshorn

    Very good product

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