Pet Leash (Retractable Pet Lead)

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Introducing our Retractable Pet Leash, the perfect accessory for pet owners who value convenience and freedom during walks with their furry companions. Our leash combines functionality, durability, and ease of use to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable walking experience.

Featuring a retractable design, our pet leash allows you to adjust the length of the lead according to your needs. Whether you want to give your pet more freedom to explore or keep them closer by your side, our leash offers flexibility and control. The smooth and reliable retracting mechanism ensures effortless extension and retraction, giving you full control over your pet’s movements.

Designed with both comfort and safety in mind, our leash features a comfortable handle grip that fits snugly in your hand. The ergonomic design reduces hand strain and provides a secure and comfortable grip during walks. The leash is also equipped with a reliable locking mechanism that allows you to quickly and easily secure the desired length of the lead.

Made from high-quality materials, our retractable pet leash is built to last. The sturdy construction ensures durability and withstands daily wear and tear. The leash is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs, providing reliable control and security for pets of all sizes.

Our retractable pet leash is the ideal choice for pet owners who value convenience, freedom, and safety during walks. Enjoy the flexibility to adjust the leash length, the comfort of the ergonomic handle, and the peace of mind knowing that your pet is securely and comfortably by your side.

Experience the convenience and freedom of our Retractable Pet Leash. Purchase yours from Love and Pet Care today and elevate your walking experience with your beloved pet.

Product information:

Type: Cat/Dog Extendable Rope Leash 

Largest weight bearing: 30kg

Material: Nylon, plastic


Color: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green

Reflective components

Chromed snap hook

Short stroke braking system

Package included:

1 x Pet Retractable Dog Lead Tape 


The retractable design gives your pet the feeling of freedom while on a leash.

It is very convenient for one finger to switch the pause and lock buttons.

Big handle for easy gripping, even with mittens or gloves.

Allow your dog to walk freely whilst under your control with this retractable 3-meter/5-meter lead.

Perfect for a small and medium dogs and cat



blue, red, yellow, green, pink, gray, lake blue, Upgrade gray, Upgrade blue, Upgrade pink, Upgrade red


3M, 5M

10 reviews for Pet Leash (Retractable Pet Lead)

  1. Roderick Roth

    Arrived in about 2 weeks in ChileSo far, good, though I think it’s a little hard on the button to lock the strap. I recommend the seller.

  2. Samirah Hood

    Good quality, already bought several of these because I keep losing them

  3. Gayla Tincher

    No talking to the seller and it took about 10 days everything perfect

  4. Aasiyah Haney

    Super suce. I will match Chim vigulvati katsapiv.
    Glory to Ukraine! Death katsapam!

  5. Germain Beaumont

    Product meets description. It’s a little smaller than the previous ones but it’s manual.

  6. Carla Poole

    As described. Fast delivery, just right for small dog Thank you

  7. Graham Rankin

    It’s very good quality, I thought it would break because my dog pulls insane but you recited it very well

  8. Adella Tarry

    At first glance, everything is fine. It is large enough, I will attach a photo for comparison with other roulette.

  9. Aliya Fernandez

    Let’s see how in action, at a glance I liked everything! Thank you!

  10. Iside Casaletto

    The durable leash for our dogs arrived exactly 3 weeks after ordering.
    We already been using it for all week.
    It is of high quality and functions well.
    Full value for money.
    Thank you.

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