Pet Poop Bag (Poop Emoji Waste Bags & Holder)

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Introducing our Pet Poop Bag with Poop Emoji Waste Bags & Holder, the perfect solution for a clean and hassle-free pet waste management. Our poop bags are designed to make the unpleasant task of cleaning up after your furry friend a little more fun and convenient.

Each package includes a durable and compact poop bag holder, featuring a playful poop emoji design. The holder is equipped with a convenient clip that can easily attach to your leash, belt loop, or bag, ensuring that you always have the waste bags within reach whenever nature calls.

Our poop bags are made from high-quality, leak-proof material to prevent any mess or odors from escaping. With a generous size, each bag provides ample room to securely hold even the largest of pet waste. The bags are easy to open, allowing for quick and hassle-free cleanup.

The poop emoji design adds a touch of humor and lightheartedness to an otherwise unpleasant task. It’s a great conversation starter and can bring a smile to your face and those around you as you handle your pet’s waste responsibly.

In addition to their practicality and fun design, our poop bags are also eco-friendly. They are made from biodegradable materials, ensuring a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to pet waste disposal.

Say goodbye to messy cleanups and hello to convenient and fun pet waste management with our Pet Poop Bag featuring Poop Emoji Waste Bags & Holder. Keep your surroundings clean and hygienic while adding a touch of humor to the task. Purchase your poop bags from Love and Pet Care today and experience a more enjoyable and responsible way to handle pet waste.





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21 reviews for Pet Poop Bag (Poop Emoji Waste Bags & Holder)

  1. Coleen Dragon


  2. Emmanuel Gillie


  3. Efan Wharton

    Super! Cool such, unusual. Reached very quickly, straight unexpectedly nice

  4. Kathi Okamura

    perfec. it’s sweeter that the bag doesn’t come out of his mouth, but it’s perfect. the material is durable

  5. Sigmund Bruckmann

    I like it! Thank you so much!

  6. Lisabeth Brennen

  7. Iside Casaletto

    It has arrived broken and without the buckle, I have opened a dispute and, thanks to Aliexpress’s intervention, I have been reimbursed for the money. And the seller? Nor has he deigned to answer. I don’t recommend it.

  8. Ildefonso Sollami

    Bigger than I thought.

  9. Kawano Tanyu


  10. Rosalie Robertson


  11. Jaimee Harter

    The quality is not very good

  12. Néo Lortie

    super cute

  13. Carla Poole

    I haven’t received it, I got a package I picked up like other times but this order was missing.

  14. Emma Carra

    Quick and pretty delivery, it’s original

  15. Oscar Álvarez

    Cool gadget

  16. Émeric Figuier

    Thank you 🙂

  17. Benoît Cortot

    It took a month, but it’s cute and satisfying ~

  18. Roderick Roth

    Poop of excellent quality. I put 4 stars, as I understood with the container in the form of Kakahi there will be one pack of packages, but they are not. Kakaha came quickly. I advise you to buy. To the seller Thank you!.

  19. Nour Hartman

  20. Lluciano Marcos


  21. Dastan Nurbolatev

    For the price you have, you have very good finishes and perform your function.
    I recommend it.

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