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107 reviews for Pet Toy (Octopus Pet Toy)

  1. undefined

    My little bitch loves it and she hasn’t broken it yet.

  2. Finn Junkermann

    Toy super, I advise! Big, light. Squeak and rustle, the dog is delighted)

  3. Major Woodrum

    The dog love it so much. I recomend this seller. So fast delivery time. Perfect!

  4. Franchesca Schwebach

    Cool toy, took for a shepherd puppy. The paws at the octopus are rustling, as if inside the polyethylene will enter, and in the head the pishalka is located. Came exactly for a month

  5. Starr Lheureux

    The dog is happy!

  6. undefined

    The toy is super, not small, silky, the dog likes.

  7. undefined

    The toy is very cool! My sewing is very like, always plays it! 🙂

  8. undefined

    Very nice and good quality, plus very sensory for perretes to play with it. I recommend it!

  9. undefined

    super sweet!
    my dog loves it and treat it with a lot of care

  10. undefined

    Delivery 2 weeks, packed normally.
    The dog is happy, inside the pishalka.

  11. undefined

    Corresponds to the description. the toy is qualitatively sewn. came on time

  12. undefined

    Exactly like the ad, my dog loved

  13. undefined

    Two dogs liked too much. The ideal toy, the tentacles rustle, the head squeaks. Just 10/10. Just gorgeous

  14. undefined

    Everything is wonderful. The tentacles are rustling with a bag, in the head of a pickup. Sabacke was interested

  15. undefined

    Super fast shipping, same as the photo, all right

  16. undefined

    Dogs are happy. They started playing right away. I did not even wash. No smell.

  17. undefined

    Delivery more than a month. The toy corresponds to the description, large, rustle, squeaks.

  18. undefined

    They did not communicate with the seller. The product corresponds to the description! Ushastik is happy!)

  19. undefined

    Legs rustle, in the head pishalka (loud)
    Dog like

  20. Windy Milnes

    It lasted for my dog 10 minutes. He broke the fabric off his head and pulled his dick out. I don’t recommend it.

  21. undefined

    Ordered 21.05.2022, received 23.06 (Minsk). The toy corresponds to the description, in the tentacles rushing cellophane. In the head of the octopus pishalka, which stopped pounding after 1 week of use. They did not communicate with the seller.

  22. undefined

    Sent fast. The toy is excellent, rustle, squeaks. Sewn well, but let’s see how long not enough.

  23. undefined

    The toy is chic, my self-catering really liked, I recommend!

  24. undefined

    The dog liked the toy, it looks also cool. Rustle did not come in, but there is also a squeak, and she liked it. Pulls not without pleasure.

  25. undefined

    Cool toy, but I’m afraid of my cools for a couple of days. Fast delivery, thanks to the seller for the quality goods.

  26. undefined

    Nice toy. Very rustling, loud squeak. Soft padding inside or not, or very little. Thin

  27. undefined

    The toy is just a supper, very fast delivery

  28. Branda Goshorn

    The toy is cool! Sabaken is happy! With her played more than with other toys, until she broke for spare parts. Squeaks and rushes. Enough for a month. Spaniel.

  29. undefined

    Excellent Toy, large, durable)
    All as in the picture)

  30. undefined

    Perfect shipping very fast. Asser big and good quality

  31. undefined

    The toy came very quickly, the quality is just super, in pet stores such toys cost many times more! the dog is delighted.

  32. undefined

    Garna igrashka, came shvidko, a pint of alone, Lapi rustle.

  33. undefined

    Toys are cool, my dog very much came in!!! A little later I’ll order other, octopus and duck-while we play

  34. undefined

    A little small for a shiba inu. But happy

  35. Néo Lortie

    Really cool toy! Well made, the head makes squeekie sound and the tentacles make paper noise! My furkid loves it!!! Thank you seller!!!

  36. undefined

    My dog loves them. WITH one sleeping, and the other is used for throwing.

  37. Sigmund Bruckmann

    Just perfect! The product corresponds to the description. Thank you very much to the seller for the fast delivery. The 15 day delivery guarantee works. I recommend.

  38. undefined

    The toy to the Rostov region was about 2 months old, the dog is just delighted, does not let it go

  39. undefined

    Durable fabric, bright color, squeegee for a week until it gnawed

  40. undefined

    Cool octopus. I liked not only dogs, but also the child

  41. undefined

    Hello all! The order was a little delayed on the way, but still recommend. My sobaken appreciated the toy. In the head pishalka, octopus legs crispy that like dogs. At this size, the octopus is very light. Suitable even the smallest. I did not communicate with the seller. I recommend, a toy of good quality.

  42. Lisabeth Brennen


  43. undefined

    Product identical to the description. I know he would have a limited life expectancy but more than 1 month after he is still alive. My dog likes to play with and he seems to take care of it for now

  44. undefined

    Our favorite and already second toy. We will order more!

  45. undefined

    Excellent Toy Big that poodle immediately started to do business, odorless, rustles squeaks

  46. Aliya Fernandez

    Very funny toy. It’s been a long time. Dog happy

  47. undefined

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Excellent material, makes different noises, my dog loves.

  48. undefined

    Very good toy, puppy super satisfied. I didn’t break it. Ordered another color

  49. undefined

    Just super! 🙂 All the yak on the picture, dog and I are stuck 🙂

  50. Liberatore Accordino

    Very nice octopus. Color at the top. Fast delivery and very good material. I recommend this seller and this plush

  51. undefined

    Nice toy. Green spray. Rustle. The puppy is happy. Sending fast, delivery in a month or a little more. Thank you seller. 5 Star

  52. undefined

    A beautiful toy, everything squeaks and rushes. Sobaken is happy!

  53. undefined

    Favorite toy of my dog, I buy a third already, different in color, enough for a long time, even with a changed to unrecognizable octopus continues to play.

  54. undefined

    Good octopus. Bought this at an exhibition for 750

  55. undefined

    The tentacles inside with a rustling cellophane, in the head pishalka. I hope the puppy will not tear down and not get it.

  56. undefined

    The toy is good, the legs are silky and there is a squeak in the head, the dog is very satisfied

  57. undefined

    Cool toy, bright and big!

  58. Lluciano Marcos

    Our Spike was immediately pleased with its cute toy! Delivered quickly and good quality! Thank you seller.

  59. Takako Ream

    Cool quality octopus. Usually there are enough toys for 5 minutes, and this one remained a whole evening)

  60. Durante Sciara

    Rustle, squeak, like a dog. Sewn neatly, no wool, pleasant, soft fabric

  61. Gianmaria De Sario

    OK OK

  62. undefined

    While I was going to write a review, the dog already ate the toy and in general good, rustle, he liked

  63. undefined

    He’s already the third one I buy for the puppies of my friendships. I recommend it

  64. undefined

    Great toy. We use more than a month the squeegee works, the tentacles rustle.

  65. undefined

    The goods to Nizhny Novgorod reached in 2 weeks, the toy is made qualitatively

  66. undefined

    No foreign smell. The fabric is soft. The toy is large enough, but light. The tentacles are rustling. Inside the head pishalka. Dog in wild ecstasy)

  67. undefined

    A quality toy, big enough, interesting shelestite, the dog is delighted.

  68. undefined

    Class, very good and quality is excellent

  69. undefined

    Already the third in the account, one of the favorite toys of the dog

  70. Zoraida Swick

    These are nice, I’m sure my beasts will tear them up because they are very aggressive. Light chewers , they will probably last a long time.

  71. undefined

    Excellent Toy for small breeds. Even a large dog plays it with gambling, the main thing is not to leave it alone-or it will tear it apart, of course.

  72. undefined

    Very cool toy. Paws flick, squeak in the head of an octopus. Eyes made of thread and fabric are safe. The dog is delighted!

  73. undefined

    The product fully corresponds to the description and picture. The tentacles are silky, in the head pishalka. The puppy will be happy!

  74. Susann Masson

    A successful toy for a pet. Squeak loudly, the tentacles rustle. Thank you seller.

  75. Lorean Soni

    At first glance, the toy seems flimsy, but in fact Jack Russell was able to kill her only by playing a drag with a large dog! Sent quickly, delivery to Leningrad region also fast

  76. undefined

    Nice toy. In the tentacles of the rustle, in the head the food that immediately bit the dogs (for the strength of the squeegee, though, no one expected). In Celo strong, normally sewn and cute.

  77. undefined

    My dog loves it! Faithful to description and fast delivery

  78. undefined

    The dog is delighted))) quite a big toy. Rustle, squeaks, all right))

  79. undefined

    Excellent octopus-The head squeaks, the legs rustle. Puppy plays)

  80. undefined

    It was delivered in a month. in the tentacles rustle, and in the head squeak. not enough in the head filler or then the dog is easy to bite.

  81. undefined

    Very cool toy. Rustle.

  82. undefined

    Wonderful Octopus, my girls liked chishkam very much. Quality is good, I recommend!!!!

  83. undefined

    Wonderful toy. Light, does not smell, pleasantly rustle the tentacles and squeak head. Belarus came quickly enough. Our fluffy joy is worn with it, like a burning.

  84. Aasiyah Haney

    A class game without napovnyvacha. Igrashka yakysno is sewn, the thread is not stuck. Pick, rustle. My biverochka schasliva.

  85. undefined

    Excellent octopus, rustling and pishalka. For Jack Russell the most that, the toy is like. Seller Thank and recommend.

  86. undefined

    Super for the dog: Live Long, will not crack

  87. Jaqueline Phipps

    The octopus is slightly smaller than I thought but further quite well. My pup of 6 months there is fond of. T cracking of the tentacles but especially t machine beep in the head of the octopus find he fantastic. Recommended! Tip mischien first once rinse because t smells called a little dry.

  88. Della Drew

    Fast shipping, thank you sellers, my little dog szczeniaczek it very like, recommend

  89. undefined

    A cute toy, in the tentacles rustling material, in the head pishalka. Liked kittens and a child 🙂

  90. undefined

    Little guy, but he’s got different textures and that’s what my puppy loved.

  91. undefined

    Toy Super! Not small! For a dog, that’s it! Made qualitatively!

  92. undefined

    Very good. I already knew the article for buying it before. Please my dog (Australian Shepherd)

  93. undefined

    My dogs liked and ripped the ottoman with their head,
    Good value for money

  94. undefined

    Excellent Toy, the dog is delighted))) tentacles rustle and in the head squeak

  95. Efan Wharton

    Super, shvidko!

  96. Mahi Reid

    A beautiful, bright Toy, squeaks, rushes. Very fond of our dogs thank you

  97. undefined

    The best toy in the world! The dog was delighted, so pleased that she could not calm down. Octopus and squeak, and crispy. I recommend to buy! Beautiful product and seller! Thank you seller!

  98. undefined

    It’s very strong and the crunch very nice.
    I arrive 10 days earlier

  99. undefined

    Great toy. She chews a lot but this toy is still in decent condition. If they do chew a hole in the leg you can easily remove the crinkle plastic inside which is nice. Has a good squeaker.

  100. undefined

    That’s a great thing. I bought the puppy English Cocker Spaniel. The beast is delighted!
    Plays for more than 2 weeks. The flight is great. No damage like new.

  101. Lanie Edwin

    Excellent octopus, the dog is very satisfied with the toy, very fast delivery.

  102. undefined

    Quality is good, squeak inside, tentacles rustle) the dog is delighted

  103. undefined

    I ordered 2. the dog is crazy about them. They’re not only squeaking, they’re also rushing. Alive))) usually we have enough toys for 10 minutes, and here it has been almost a month. Order came weeks after 2 one parcel

  104. undefined

    Oh, great. My puppy loves it. He’s got a whistle on his head and his legs sound like they have a bag of chips in them. My little bitch is excited about that sound.

  105. undefined

    Favorite dog toy, rustle, squeak.

  106. undefined

    Toy Super!!! Many thanks to the seller!!!

  107. undefined

    My pet loves it is flexible and Noa plays with it all day she likes the sound she produces when biting it

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