Pet Dog Collar And Leash Set With Handle

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Discover Harmony and Control with Our Pet Dog Collar and Leash Set, Complete with Handle!

Elevate your canine companionship experience with our meticulously designed Pet Dog Collar and Leash Set. Crafted for both style and functionality, this set offers the perfect balance of control, comfort, and convenience, making every walk a joyful adventure.

Key Features:

  1. Stylish Collar: Make a statement with our premium Pet Dog Collar. Created using durable yet gentle materials, it’s the perfect blend of style and comfort. Available in a range of sizes, find the ideal fit that complements your dog’s unique personality.
  2. Secure Leash: Our matching leash is a testament to durability and safety. Built to withstand daily use, it features sturdy hardware that guarantees a secure connection between you and your four-legged friend.
  3. Integrated Handle: The real game-changer is the integrated handle on the leash. Positioned close to your dog’s collar, this handle offers instant control whenever you need it. From guiding your dog through busy intersections to keeping them close in crowded spaces, this feature ensures you’re always in charge.
  4. Effortless Handling: With an easy-to-use buckle, attaching the collar is a breeze. The leash’s simple clip-on design guarantees quick and secure attachment to the collar’s D-ring. Spend less time gearing up and more time exploring.
  5. Unbreakable Bond: Strengthen the bond with your dog while providing them the freedom they crave. Our Pet Dog Collar and Leash Set encourages positive behaviors and allows you to guide them with confidence, wherever your adventures take you.

Why Choose Our Pet Dog Collar and Leash Set?

Our set is more than just a combination of accessories – it’s an investment in shared experiences. Whether you’re strolling through your neighborhood, exploring trails, or training your dog, our Pet Dog Collar and Leash Set ensures a harmonious and secure journey.

Embrace the convenience of a leash with a built-in handle. Upgrade your outings and redefine your connection with your furry friend. Choose the Pet Dog Collar and Leash Set with Handle today!

Ordering Details:

Ordering your Pet Dog Collar and Leash Set is simple. Select the collar size that matches your dog’s measurements, choose your preferred color, and add it to your cart. Elevate your walks and create cherished memories together.

Elevate your dog’s comfort and your control. Order the Pet Dog Collar and Leash Set with Handle now and embark on a new chapter of joyful walks!


The lined the inside of the lead and the handle with Neoprene, which is the same material used on wet suits which is soft, quick drying and odourless.

Swivel Combat lead is comfortable in your hands even if the dog does pull it does not hurt as much as a rope lead would,quick and easy to use no messing about with one of this awkward leash, safe secure strong material with a very comfortable on your hands neoprene lining in the inside of the handle and down one side of the whole length of the lead making the lead comfortable on your hands if like me there’s occasions where you need to wind your lead around your hand to restrain the beast.

The design of this lead – no more twisting the lead and getting tangled. Perfect for dogs who loves to spin daddy round at dog shows…he normally ends up getting caught in the lead as it is twisted with excitement. And Great lock that allows rapid attachment or removal.



The combat lead and how strong clip, and the non-tangle attachment, the quick release lead and I like the cushioned grip where you hold as sometimes they can make your hands and palms sore when these powerful dogs pull.

The original Letsperfect 3.8cm Combat Collar, the first collar of it’s kind to be created in the world. This collar is equipped with triple-stitched nylon, a secure 6mm width Stainless Steel D Loop and a specially crafted bespoke clip for quick release and lock.The collar included a double-stitched handle which is in emergency situations.

The internal layer of the collar is lined with Neoprene, which is odourless, water resistant and comfortable to worn all day to avoid your dogs fur being rubbed which can occur with other branded collars.

The collar can easily be adjusted in size simply by threading the nylon through the metal ring to extend/shorten the size.


Collar size:

M: size (38-47cm) wide:3.8cm / 14.96-18.5inch x wide:1.5inch

L:size (45-55cm) wide:3.8cm/ 17.7-21.65inch x wide:1.5inch

XL: size (53-63cm) wide:3.8cm/ 20.87-24.8inch x wide:1.5inch

The Traffic Lead is also used more frequently to keep your dog under close control. The lead comprises a strong handle, a stronger clip, and no leeway in the middle. This lets you keep those heavy pullers under control, and also keep a tight rein on boisterous dogs, especially when walking in confined and risky environments.


This Traffic Lead has a padded handle, lined with Neoprene to keep you comfortable and protect your hands.


Lead Length: 30cm/11.8″


Lead Width: 3cm/1.2″




Black Short -M, Grey Short -M, Green Short -M, Red Short -M, Black Short -L, Green Short -L, Grey Short -L, Red Short -L, Black Short -XL, Grey Short -XL, Green Long-M, Red Long-M, Black Long-L, Grey Long-L, Green Long-L, Red Long-L, Black Long-XL, Green Short -XL, Red Short -XL, Black Long-M, Grey Long-M, Grey Long-XL, Green Long-XL, Red Long-XL

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  1. Takako Ream

    Everything is awesome, really good quality, seller was responding to messages and changed my order size with no problems, I didn’t even have to cancel my order! Thank you so much! It looks really good on my dog. Definitely recommend!

  2. Germain Beaumont

    Good set nice quality and arrived fast

  3. Jaimee Harter

    Very excellent and very chic and strong

  4. Benoît Cortot

    the quality is superb and shipping is really fast

  5. Eleri Barnes

    fast delivery and quality is good recommend

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